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    Helping you in crises
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About Us

SOSmate means Save Our Soul mate

I would like to thank you all for installing SOSmate App. It has been a great journey in developing this mobile App for you.

Why I have build this App?

When I started developing this Application, my main aim was to use it within my own family members. In crises, I want an easy way to spread the message across. All is to be done is just press the power button multiple times and any emergency message would spread over all the emergency contacts, even at thousand of miles. It works like First Information Report (FIR).

However, my simple idea of creating an Alarm developed further after reading about Prabha Arun Kumar. She was stabbed to death at night in world's safest Country. I believe that if she had an easy way to send a distress message across her friends, family or neighbour, she might have been in a different situation. Similarly, not long ago, 2012 gang rape, where a sister, daughter and a human being lost her life.

There are many crimes that are instantaneous - Rape, Domestic violence, assaults, killing elders.

I want to spread a message that there is one quick and an easy way to inform your current location to your loved once. All you need is an Android mobile phone, and this App.

Please share SOSmate.

Remember, your small step may save somebody life.

Stay Safe, stay blessed!

Save Our Soul - mate

Easy setup

Activate, Notify, and customise! This App will make your Mobile a life saver tool.


A must have tool for traveler, elders! You are always covered by SOSmate. It works in different countires.

Emergency contacts

Set unlimited contacts for receiving emergency message. You can send last known location.


Set the App behaviour, which is right for you. You can change emergency message, activation behaviour, notification types, and more...


Learn more about this feature packed App


Set your profile, emergency message.


Send emergency email to your contacts.

Contact List

Unlimited emergency contact list.


Short message notification support.

My Places

Know your current location.

Police Siren

Play police siren on Activation.

Google Map Link

Emergency message with location map link.

Area Emergency

Find country Police, Ambulance and Fire phone numbers.


See what’s included in the App

Main Screen

Emergency Identity Card

SOS button


Activation Settings

Notification Settings

Emergency Contacts

Location Settings


Country Emergency Phone List

Get App

Choose your native platform and get started!

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Thank you for using SOSmate. We love helping our community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the following questions.

How can I download SOSmate?

1. Go to Google play store in your mobile device.
2. Search for "SOSmate".
3. Select Install.

Otherwise, if you are browsing this website from your Mobile, then simply click here.

How can I start using SOSmate?

1. Set your emergency contacts
2. Change emergency message and location settings
3. Enable SOSmate

Do I need to pay for SMS?

Yes, you need to pay. SOSmate uses your Network Service Provider. Your SMS service must be active and available to use.

We encourage you to continuously test SOSmate.

Why I cannot see my location?

SOSmate uses location service provided by Google. You can enable this service from your mobile "Settings".

Why SOSmate is showing wrong location?

SOSmate uses location service provided by Google and we don't have any control on its accuracy. However, please make sure your mobile location settings are on High Accuracy.

Why I see numbers instead of an address in location?

These numbers are your location latitude and longitude, which means your location service is on. However, for showing an user friendly address you must be connected with the Internet. Otherwise, SOSmate will not be able translate these numbers into the corresponding address.